Misko Iho

Born in Finland 1975, Misko’s passion for arts started in the late 80s as a graffiti artist. From there he went on to be the graphic artist of the now-defunct pioneering computer demo group Future Crew and was part of releasing several award winning computer demos including the most influential computer demo of all time, Second Reality (1993). At the age of seventeen Misko was recruited by Epic Games as a computer game graphic designer. This led to a five year stretch as a visual effects artist where Misko created visual effects for hundreds of commercials, feature films and music videos. As a movie enthusiast, he was quickly drawn into directing after the change of the millennium.

Now based in Los Angeles, Misko loves traditional storytelling and well thought out cinematic execution. With the background in visual effects he feels at home with digital characters and set extensions but always tries to find an angle from any story that evokes feelings and emotions at our core level. It’s perhaps this mix of imaginative storytelling, emotion and extraordinary visual elements that has led to his rise in the commercial circles. He has directed and written an award winning short film Potilas (The Patient) and is currently looking for a suitable project where he could expand his talent into a longer form with the possibility for proper character development and more complex stories which his mind is full of.


Disney, Marvel, Target, Nintendo, Durex, Aleve, Toyota, Renault, Pepsi,

Mountain Dew, Coca Cola, Canon, Harley Davidson, Red Bull, Interstate

Batteries, Optimum, ZipRecruiter. notonthehighstreet.com, S|E|B, Tuborg,

Young Director Award.


72andsunny, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Ingo, Leo Burnett